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Our Story

For You. For Me. For All of Us.

the journey to self-worth

At 25, she was just beginning her dream job, and eager to make positive change in the world. But at the age of 28, she found herself in a toxic workplace, unrecognized and undervalued compared to her mostly male peers. Suddenly, she was unjustly fired. Spiraling into depression and haunted by a sense of inadequacy that deepened her self-consciousness, the unimaginable happened. She attempted suicide.

From that dark moment, she began a journey to rebuild her sense of self-worth, seeking therapy and taking care of herself in new ways. On her quest, she found support in an unlikely place: skincare rituals from around the world. Lovingly passed down, they speak of a connection to each other with the potential to bring comfort and care to those who feel disconnected and alone. Mixing her own formulas started as a hobby to keep busy but would eventually become her love.

Nourishing my outer layer as I nurtured my inner world helped me find both peace and purpose. 

Reshona Jessamy

Founder + CEO

Reshona gained empathy, strength and understanding. Emerging from it all with the seed of an idea – a brand that would connect beauty with mental health and emotional wellness, transcending the superficial to embrace a holistic approach to self-care. So, in 2015, with a team of expert cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, and botanists – she sat out to create masterful collections of clean, safe, and highly efficacious products for all. And a brand that not only offers high-quality skincare but fosters a genuine understanding and compassion for the emotional journeys we all traverse. 

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