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Mission driven luxury

At Novara we believe in two things. First, we believe in loving yourself and loving each other. Secondly, we believe that the secret to radiant, natural beauty comes from within. That’s why we go beyond the surface, soul deep, to help women reclaim their birth right to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Our Skincare

a world of beauty

From various countries in Central and South America. To Egypt, South Africa, Southeast Europe, and Asia, we’ve traveled the globe. With a process rooted in “source wisdom”, we spoke with the eldest in villages and communities, to learn of their beauty rituals and the ingredients they’ve relied on for centuries.

Taking all that we’ve learned on our journey and guided by the world’s leading scientists, we’ve created masterful recipes of clean, science-backed solutions using nature’s botanicals; flowers, plants, seeds, roots, and barks. We’re proof that timeless beauty does in fact exist.

Clean Formulas + Cruelty Free

results without compromise

All our products are formulated without over 2,200 substances we consider harmful to your health and the environment.

No Parabens
No Mineral Oil
No Sulfate-based Detergents
No Synthetic Fragrance
No Petroleum-based Ingredients
No Phthalates
No Phenoxyethanol
No Formaldehyde

Our banned substance list is continuously updated to reflect new findings and research so that we can formulate the cleanest products possible.

Advocates For Mental Health

our messages

As a company, we see barriers to mental health treatment as a hinderance to living a fulfilled life. And are doing what we can to touch those affected. By including unique messages in each box designed to inspire and uplift- we hope to touch as many women as possible. With the goal of reminding them of how loved they are and how precious life truly is while empowering them to become of the best version of themselves.

Do you have a positive message you’d like to share with the world? Let us hear it for a chance to be featured.

Your Purchase Supports

saving our rainforests

In an efforts to minimize our carbon footprint and to keep the Amazon rainforest safe, we have partnered with Rain Forest US. Located in South America, Rain Forest US protects Guyana’s stunning landscapes by working with indigenous partners to secure and expand land titles, strengthen local leadership, territorial governance, land management, and monitoring.

Together, we are halting the external threats of mining and deforestation, especially in the context of the country’s recent oil boom.

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